23. Jan, 2020

Commercial scale Bokashi bins for schools, nurseries or small businesses

The Bokashi page at www.carryoncomposting has been updated to include details of largewr bins.

Domestic Bokashi Bins are available in the UK in a range of sizes, a quick search on the web will show bins of  15 litre, 18 litre, 23 litre, 27 litre, 30 litre (stainless).   A pair of bins are normally used so that when the first bin has been  filled and is  fermenting a second bin is available to take the current waste.

 However,  commercial size Bokashi bins are avialable. The 120 litre wheelie bin style Boakashi  from www.mygreenchapter.com ( My Green Chapter is a Dubai-based online garden centre & pet store)  is  big enough for small businesses, schools and nurseries. This offers such establishments an alternative to aerobic composting and participation in kerbside food collection schemes. As with other Bokashi systems  it can be used to ferment  vegetable, fruit, meat, fish and dairy products to make environmentally friendly pre-compost for office communal areas or school gardens. 

The 120 litre Bokashi bins shown in the photos are  available from a company based in Cornwall (https://www.wiltonecostore.co.uk/) and are suitable for medium to large scale use. The bins are   shown in one of the photos being used in a bank of six.