29. Dec, 2019

Christmas food waste

Bokashi is a useful system for those without a garden or who want to convert food waste (including cooked food) into a material that can be composted in a conventional compost bin or wormery.  Bokashi will turn waste food into pre-compost that can be  added to a "conventional" cold compost bin, buried in the garden or raised beds or added  to a  wormery. It is a relatively fast process pre-compost will be ready to be added to the soil or compost bin within about 30 days without turning (aeration).

It has been promoted in the UK mainly as a means of diverting cooked food and other organic waste from council  landfill waste disposal  streams saving of the  costs of collection and disposal such  the landfill tax. I normally only use Bokashi for demonstration purposes as I have hot composters suitable for cooked food waste but have been usin a new Hozelock Bokashi  Composter over Christmas.  

If the Bokashi bin is kept in the kitchen or utility room materials can be added directly so the kitchen caddy become redundant  We have little cooked food waste, even over Christmas so most of the content was vegatable peelings. 

I but it was quite pleasant to be met with smell of Bokashi  rather than decomposing waste. 

If you only have a Dalek type cold compost bin in the garden I would recommend the use of a Bokash composter to deal with waste food so that it can be added to the outdoor compost bin without attracting vermin. There is more information at http://www.carryoncomposting.com/416920212.   

Blackwall twin pack Bokashi bins are avilable from getcomposting for only £20.99    https://getcomposting.com/blackwall-twin-pack-bokashi-bin-kcomslv2