13. Nov, 2019

Smashing Pumpkins

Pumpkin Smash

Over 100 pumpkin lanterns and other pumpkins were saved from being sent to landfill as a result of the Pumpkin Smash at Stokes Wood Allotments Leicester on 9th November 2019. The Smash took place on the Composting Demonstration site where all the pumpkins were composted as part of the Smash. The technique employed to smash the pumpkins varied depending whether the pumpkins were to be composted in the pallet bins, one of our range of plastic bins, hot composted or buried in pits. The age of the person smashing the pumpkin also played a part in the choice of method, younger "smashers" favouring a mallet while older volunteers mainly opting for spades. these where also used for pumpkin cricket which did seem to be very effective at sharing mushy pumpkin flesh amongst those standing to close to the action. The is more information at www.carryoncomposting.com both on Pumpkin Rescue and composting pumpkins.