21. Oct, 2019

Cold Winter. Plan to avoid frozen worms

The have been stories in the papers this weekend that we are going to have a very cold winter in the UK this year. While the Met. Office has stated that there is no evidence to support this  and that it is too early to make any accurate predictions it does provide a useful reminder that we should  make winter preparations   for the wormeries.

In the past the advice was  to protect the worms  from freezing by  moving them into a shed or outbuilding, while possibly also providing extra insulation. With the milder winters we have experienced recently I know of several people who have left their wormeries outside with no extra insulation and the worms have survived unharmed

 I leave my wormeries  outside but  wrapped in a triple layer of bubble wrap using the same material to make a removable insulated  cover for the lid enabling me to feed them. A hole being cut for the tap allowing the reservoir to be drained.  I use bubble wrap as it does not get absorb water , is easily removed and can be reused for several years. Believing in a belt and braces approach I also  clear a space in the shed so that they can be moved inside if a prolonged cold period is threatened