9. Oct, 2019

Seasonal increase compostable waste

Plastic sheet or old compost bags are urgently needed to line the walls of the pallet bins and cover the compost in the bins to prevent it becoming waterlogged during decomposition.

The amount of compostable waste produced by the allotment plot holders has shown an increase this week with tomatoes and bean plants being supplemented by flower plants at the end of their season as well as a good supply of weeds resulting in the Reception bin being filled in just a few days. If you do not compost at home this is a time of plenty  to start composting.

 All the waste must be cut by hand into  short lengths  so as to expose a larger surface area to microbial activity  and to make the decomposing material easier aerate by turning  from one bin to the next. This week, for the first time, the reception bin has not been emptied on a Saturday morning but hopefully it will all be cut and sorted on Monday.