10. Sep, 2019

Drowning Horse or Mares tail

 Horsetail or mare’s tail is an invasive, deep-rooted (2m or 7ft) perennial weed that will spreads usually by rhizomes from adjacent gardens/plots and by  stem fragments in composts or manures.  The deep roots make it difficult to remove by digging. Although  Plants growing near the surface can be dug out, but occasional weeding will not be effective as it will regrow from any small pieces left in the soil. Continually removing the shoots as soon as they appear may  reduce infestation after several years.

I have recommended soaking these shoots to drown the plants in earlier blogs and now update the blog with more photos. For the set  follow the link Plant Liquid Feeds

To recap the plants, need to be fully submerged under the water so  are best put in a sack or an old vegetable net  pinned down with a large stone or to suspend the bag it in a submerged weighted bag .  Regular stirring is recommended. The fermentation process can range from  10 days to 3 weeks, depending on the ambient temperature but our photos show a longer period as I soak for months rather than weeks. During fermentation the mixture will produce gas which will  bubble on the surface. Once the bubbling has stopped the  it has finished bubbling the liquid can be strained and used.