5. Sep, 2019

More Aerated Compost Tea

The first 25l of Aerated Compost  Tea  (ACT) offered from the demonstration site was quickly taken on Wednesday. Another batch will be ready for the Horticultural Show this Sunday 

I am using a  Symbio Compost Tea Brewer to make a balanced tea brewed for 18-24 hours. This is suitable for vegetables and perennial garden plants  with a good mix of fungi and bacteria  brewing the tea for 18-24 hours. Ideally it is best used  immediately i.e. within 4-6 hours. After this time the aerobic organisms in solution will start to die as they  not have enough free oxygen to survive. Dilution. The tea is normally bottled in  1  or 2L  bottles  it can be diluted 1:10  with rain water  in the watering can or used undiluted.

Hope to see you at Horticultural Show this Sunday at Stokes Wood Allotments, 2B Stokes Drive, Leicester.