23. Jul, 2019

Mango Composting

A new page has been added to www.carryoncomposting.com  on the composting of mangos. Over 2,500 varieties of Mango are grown throughout the tropics and provide us with  a delicious tropical fruit. Mango once eaten presents the composter with the peel and seed to add to the compost bin.  Any  Mango flesh that is not eaten will  breakdown  quickly when added to the compost bin, or wormery. The  peel will be decomposed more slowly but will rot more quickly if  cut it into thin strips before adding to the bin or the complete skin can be added along with other kitchen waste. However, if significant quantities of mango peel are to be composted  a hot composting system is recommended using fresh cow dung  and regular turning of the  bin

The mango seed can also be  composted and a method of speeding up this very slow process is given. Details are given at  http://www.carryoncomposting.com/441149740