1. May, 2019

Compost Awareness Week: Demonstration site preparation

Work is continuing on the preparation for the official opening of the Composting Demonstration site at Stokes Wood Allotment site at Stokes Drive, Leicester on 5th May.

The main path into the site has been covered in woodchip from the entrance past the pallet bins that will be used to receive and compost organic material from the allotment and the main display of plastic bins. It is hoped to have the area containing the tumbler bins woodchipped before the opening.

New bin.

 An  Aerobin 400 has now been installed on the site. The insulated Aerobin  is fitted with an aeration core inside a sealed and insulated bin to assist air circulation.

In addition to the opening, and tours, of the site there will be a talk on Home and Allotment Composting at 1pm  followed by family activities including making seed balls and a compost safari  from 2.30 -3.30.  Refreshments will also be available in the site pavilion that is also available for hire.