6. Feb, 2019

Progress on the Composting Demonstration site

The  new compost demonstration site at Stokes Wood Allotments  is on course to be completed ready for an official opening to celebrate Compost Awareness Week on 5th May. The site will house a wide range of compost bins suitable for use when home composting including Blackwell bins available through Council Schemes,

Tumbler bins including  a large Mantis,

a Rowlinson bee-hive bin suitable for a smaller garden 

Hotbins, Green Johana  and a Jora food composter  as well as a range of wormeries.

There will also be a section on making plant and compost based liquid feed including aerated compost tea.

The Rowlinson Beehive  composter was kindly donated by GardenSite has been installed..  https://www.gardensite.co.uk/garden-structures/composters/     Composters from GardenSite"


CAW Launch

As part of the launch events there willbe:

  • a  painted compost bin activity where bins loaned to and painted by local schools will be displayed,
  • a compost safari workshop and
  • an opportunity to make compost Seedballs to be thrown to plant wild flowers in difficult to reach  areas  and school grounds.  
  • More details to follow.


 If you want an informal preveiw and a good breaKfast  drop by on a Wednesday morning the demonstation plot is right next to the main building although at this time of year it will be warmer inside than in the outdoof seating area.