9. Jan, 2019

Progress at the planned Stokes Wood Composting Demonstration site

Work is continuing in preparing the Stokes Wood,  Allotment Demonstration site in Leicester. Most of the old raised beds have been removed at the  layout of the bins has more or less been decided. 

We will have two Reception bins at the entrance for green waste from the allotment plots. With  4 or 5 working pallet bins for hot composting the waste.  The Hotbins, Jora  and Green Johanna will be opposite near the entrance from the pavilion. A line of conventional domestic bins along the path to the shed will show cold composting techniques  and what can go wrong! Tumbler bins, including a Mantis, will  be situated near the shed and the wormeries. Towards the back of the plot the will be an area showing soaking methods of making compost and  plant teas with a raised bed demonstration initially showing compost and comfrey teas in use.