1. Nov, 2018

Composting Fireworks and Halloween pumpkins

As 5th November is almost on us it is a good time to advise against composting used fireworks. While the firework cases consist of card and paper the gunpowder and colouring material that was in them includes heavy metals which are not a helpful addition to the compost bin. It is true that if any remaining contents are emptied from the used fireworks and the cardboard casing is opened, and scraped to remove the final particles, the cardboard could be added to the compost heap. This would then leave you with the “dust” to dispose of.

However, just because something can be composted it does not mean it should be.  The official advice is that fireworks should be left for at least 15 minutes after the display ends and then be collected and put in a bucket of water to soak overnight. They can then be put in the general waste (landfill) bin for collection by the council.  Some sources recommend double wrapping the wet fireworks in a plastic bag before putting them in the bin.

If the fireworks misfired or are only partially spent soak them in a bucket of water for at least 24 hours and contact your local Council or local fire services for advice about safe disposal. Information will probably be available on the Council website. 

For advice on composting Halloween lanterns see the Blog for 13st August