31. Aug, 2018

Act now to Reduce Waste at Halloween

Pumpkin Events
Carving pumpkins tends to result in a lot of waste food as people do not save the pumpkin flesh to cook and eat. They also throw the carved pumpkin into the landfill bin after using it as a lantern or entering it in a carved pumpkin competition rather than composting it.
As a composter you can help reduce this waste by writing to your local paper and web contacts Also contact your local school, allotment or any other group holding a carved pumpkin event to encourage them to provide a link to the Love Food Hate Waste pumpkin recipes:

 After the event rather than throwing the carved pumpkin away encourage schools to collect them and have a mass pumpkin smash followed by a session on composting pumpkins. For information go to http://www.carryoncomposting.com/416920211 

 In the Midlands area I can provide a power point presentation to schools and groups such as WIs and U3A