30. Mar, 2018

Top Dressing the lawn for Easter

Compost Top Dressing 

Top dressing a lawn with compost can improve the soil structure and provide  nutrients. It will also improve drainage and by adding organic matter to the lawn. It can also be used to fill holes and depressions

A top dressing of compost is often applied to the lawn in the autumn. However, the value of more frequent but lighter applications of compost as a top dressing is now being recognised and easter is a good time to start.   If adopting this routine of treatment, the first treatment is best applied early in spring when the lawn will be receiving less footfall, reducing the likelihood of compost being carried indoors. It and can be repeated every month where the lawn is used regularly.  It is best to sieve or break up the compost as smaller particles can drop between the blades of grass and become incorporated into the soil easily.  It is best applied it dry.

Mow the lawn's grass to 1 inch tall. That height helps compost reach the soil between grass blades. Rake the lawn with a metal rake to collect dead grass, leaves and other lawn debris  

Compost can be used to top dress the lawn in the autumn but it can also be used in the spring to start the season but do it early so that the lawn will be looking good when you want to use it. The use of compost to make liquid feed is given on a separate page Liquid Feed