24. Jan, 2018

Paper Compost or Recycle and what about windows envelopes?

Paper  is almost a prerequisite for modern home composting but not all paper is the same and some is better recycled than composted.  Where paper material is both compostable and recyclable the latter is usually the better environmental option as it reduces the need to fell trees. Making paper from recycled material also requires less energy and uses less water than making it from timber.

There are those times however when home composting is the better alternative provided the right bin or technique is used. There will be some waste e.g. where cardboard is contaminated with food materials which would contaminate the recyclable waste stream if put into the kerbside collection system operated by councils e.g. greasy take-away  boxes. Home composting is much better than the alternative of sending it to landfill. However, home composting all household paper using bins may not be practicable due to the volume produced and it may be necessary to consider other methods such as Lasagne or sheet composting if space is available. Home composting can deal with some types of paper, such as tissues and shredded paper, which in many areas cannot be recycled or composted via the council kerbside collection there will still be some paper items that at present have to be fed into the council landfill system.There aretwo freuent areas of discussion on forums windows envelopes  and inks.  Concern is often expressed in some forums that printing inks are toxic and therefore printed paper should not be composted, this may well have been the case in the past, but these are now banned, and modern vegetable inks are safe to compost. The situation on envelpoes varies with the material from which the window is made and the policy of the local council. For more information go to http://www.carryoncomposting.com/416920203