12. Dec, 2017

Community Composting: Hot Composting Trial

Stevens Street Allotment /Market Harborough and the Bowdens Charity: Have recently conducted  a Community hot composting trial

Hot composting is a well proven method designed to produce good quality compost - often in bulk but in a much shorter time period than the more common (cool) composting bin, bay or heap.  It is used by many organisations to process city green waste and by a growing number of community composting projects.

The incentive for the Stevens St trial was the need to process the large amounts of materials cleared from well over 100 individual plots - particularly things like perennial weeds, and woody waste which aren't suitable for normal cool composting on their own heaps plus material from the common areas - and stored in dump bags / piles.  Ideally, this mixed ‘waste’ would be graded, composted and used on site - avoiding the cost, labour and environmental impact of hiring skips or getting it trailered to the local Recycling Centre. The report can be found at at www.carryoncomposting.com  If you are on the blog click Hot Composting trial