29. Jun, 2017

White Fly

White Fly

White fly are not found in the compost bin as frequently as fruit flies but are not uncommon. .As with fruit flies there tends to be a mass of flies escaping from the bin when it is opened. These are not harmful but it is annoying to have a face full of flies every time the lid is removed. One piece of practical advice is to open the bin with the lid facing away from the composter.

A number of composters writing to forums on the internet have associated white fly infestation of the bin with brassica, or other, leaves infected with white fly being as added to the bin

The use of good composting techniques should reduce the likelihood of infestation. Always covering the surface layer of the composting material with a layer of “Browns” e.g.  Shredded paper or cardboard should reduce the number of flies.

Regularly aerating the contents should result in renewed bacterial activity and heat generation that may reduce the number of flies present. .Aeration and the addition of Browns will help absorb moisture if the organic material is too wet leading to a decrease the number of flies as conditions become more unfavourable to them.

Some contributors to internet forums suggest the use of fly sprays, including organic sprays, or a flytrap inside the bin.