13. Feb, 2017

Braunston in Rutland Garden Club

I will be giving a talk on Home Ciomposting at the village hall for Brauston in Rutland Garden Club at 7:30 on 16 February. The talk will include the environmental case for composting reducing waste sent to landfill, the main items of food waste,  choice of a compost bin or method, getting the mix right (Greens and Browns), aeration of the bin, harvesting, wormeries and compost teas. The village hall gives the Club contact as : Mary Brookes 723047 The code for Braubston is 01572

For those that cannot attend. 

UK households binned £13bn worth of edible food in 2015  Wrap  estimated 7.3m tonnes of household food waste was thrown away in 2015 –and increase from 7m tonnes in 2012.  This  averaged at  £470 worth of food per UK household.  

We will show what foods are wasted the most and how much could be composted.

Free composting talks are available for Clubs, Allotment Societies etc across the East Midlands . Sessions for schools are also available