22. Apr, 2016

CAW workshop on Community Composting


Community Composting Workshop and Q/A    4 May 2pm - 3pm

(This session is not open to the public)

Workshop   for Leicester University Hungry for Change students on the practical aspects of community composting, wormeries and compliance with the relevant Regulations

The 'Hungry for Change' project aims to change the way students think about what they’re eating and why. They  look at issues such as seasonality, local, organic and growing your own food or consuming foods that create less carbon emissions in their production (the list goes on!)  

 The point of the project is to educate and empower students to make their own informed food choices instead of relying on product labelling and presumed company ethics. With ethical and sustainable motivations, the project applies a practical approach to learning in a subject which we can all relate to and care about.

The Hungry for Change project has a 40 by 40 metre plot nestled in the heart of the Brookfield Post Graduate Centre at 266 London Road. There are 9 large raised beds, a huge herb bed, a soft fruit area teaming with different fruit bushes, a 22meter edible hedge, a 12 foot greenhouse and a south facing wall complete with cordon apple trees and our very own Fig tree and a compost bin