2. Feb, 2016

Join the food Sharing Revolution and reduce food sent to landfill

The following is taken from Love Food Hate Waste and might be of interest

Download OLIO, the free food sharing app and be part of the ‘food sharing revolution’. If you have food available that you know you won't get around to eating, all you need to do is take a picture of your item of food, add a short description and post it online where someone in your neighborhood will likely take it off your hands. Genius!

OLIO is fast becoming the app sensation we have all been waiting for and we are delighted to be working in close partnership with the team at OLIO HQ. At the moment, OLIO is only active in London but this is not the case for long. Throughout 2016, OLIO will be launching in towns and cities across the UK. So, if you are London-based, download the app, spread the word and share your unwanted food items and prevent good food becoming waste. Remember one person’s rubbish is another person’s treasure - or in this case, their next snack or meal! 

For those of you living outside London, OLIO are on lookout for ambassadors to spread the word, add surplus food to the app and encourage others to do the same. In particular, if ambassadors can encourage their local shops and cafes to sign up the better. For these businesses, OLIO is the perfect tool to help these businesses waste less food and, if they set up an OLIO Dropbox , they can become your local surplus food drop off point. Convenient for you and a good marketing tool and means for attracting new customers to their premises. Win win!