12. Jul, 2015

Food Waste composting

We have now started composting food waste and coffee grounds  from the cafe at University of Leicester Botanic Gardens. Yesterday we collected the first batches of waste sandwiches  which were not sold on Friday and Saturday and are have started composting them at the Garden Composting Demonstration site.

So that the process is kept as near to Home Composting as possible we are using compost bins sold for use at home:

2 Hotbins  http://www.hotbincomposting.com/

1 Jora 125  http://www.smartsoil.co.uk/

Green Johanna and a Green Cone Food Digester  http://www.greatgreensystems.com/

Entry to the Garden is free ( with a couple of exceptions ) and a Master composter will be on site Saturday afternoons to provide help and advice. Why not pay a visit?