28. Jul, 2014

Future of Snibston

Following my comments relating to the closure of Snibston made in the blog on the Miners Gala I  have been asked to make it clear that the Council has not yet taken a decision on the closure of Snibston.

The LCC has completed a consultation exercise on proposals to:

•Develop a mining museum by the end of 2015, based around Snibston's historic colliery buildings, the Century Theatre, the site's railway line and the playground. Mining-related exhibits would be displayed or stored in the new museum

•Demolish the existing Snibston gallery and clear the land for redevelopment. Selling surplus land would help to fund the new mining museum

•Move non-mining exhibits to the council's museums stores or to other museums

The Cabinet will consider the results and a way forward, on September 12.

The proposals have attracted considerable interest in the media. Links to two recent items are given below.


 http://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/ and search under Snibston