Composting Events and news

21. Oct, 2019

The have been stories in the papers this weekend that we are going to have a very cold winter in the UK this year. While the Met. Office has stated that there is no evidence to support this  and that it is too early to make any accurate predictions it does provide a useful reminder that we should  make winter preparations   for the wormeries.

In the past the advice was  to protect the worms  from freezing by  moving them into a shed or outbuilding, while possibly also providing extra insulation. With the milder winters we have experienced recently I know of several people who have left their wormeries outside with no extra insulation and the worms have survived unharmed

 I leave my wormeries  outside but  wrapped in a triple layer of bubble wrap using the same material to make a removable insulated  cover for the lid enabling me to feed them. A hole being cut for the tap allowing the reservoir to be drained.  I use bubble wrap as it does not get absorb water , is easily removed and can be reused for several years. Believing in a belt and braces approach I also  clear a space in the shed so that they can be moved inside if a prolonged cold period is threatened

9. Oct, 2019

Plastic sheet or old compost bags are urgently needed to line the walls of the pallet bins and cover the compost in the bins to prevent it becoming waterlogged during decomposition.

The amount of compostable waste produced by the allotment plot holders has shown an increase this week with tomatoes and bean plants being supplemented by flower plants at the end of their season as well as a good supply of weeds resulting in the Reception bin being filled in just a few days. If you do not compost at home this is a time of plenty  to start composting.

 All the waste must be cut by hand into  short lengths  so as to expose a larger surface area to microbial activity  and to make the decomposing material easier aerate by turning  from one bin to the next. This week, for the first time, the reception bin has not been emptied on a Saturday morning but hopefully it will all be cut and sorted on Monday.



3. Oct, 2019

 Pumpkin Community Lunch

As part of our Pumpkin rescue events all are welcome to the Stokes Wood  Community Sharing Pumpkin Lunch and pumpkin carving demonstration at Stokes Wood allotments, 2B Stokes Drive, Leicester LE3 9BR

This event held as part of the Leicester and Leicestershire Pumpkin Rescue will help to inspire everyone to carve fantastic pumpkins and use the flesh for making delicious food.  There will be a range of pumpkin recipes to try as well as pumpkin dishes brought by those attending to share. It is hoped that most of those coming to the event will bring a pumpkin dish that will serve up to 4 people. For ideas see the recipe links below.

Tickets £5 Concessions £3 Numbers are limited so please book at 07976592061

Pumpkin Carving Demonstration

 Whether you are an experienced pumpkin carver or this is going to be the first time you have carved a Halloween pumpkin you may benefit from pumpkin the  carving tips offered at this demonstration which should help you create a  pumpkin lantern  to celebrate  Halloween.

 The demonstration is one of the  Halloween activities  being offered following  the Community lunch and Best carved pumpkin competition at Stokes Wood allotments 2B Stokes Drive Leicester LE3 9BR on Saturday 26th October, The Demonstration will start immediately after the lunch.

To book a place please ring 07976592061

1. Oct, 2019

I am currently updating and enlarging the page on hot composting. Over the next week or so more  diagrams showing diffent methods and mixes for layer the heap will be added. This will mean that in addition to the conventional alternating Greens and Browns  we will be including layering choices that include soil, manure and lime. 

It is also planned including an 1970s  layering system that does not require turning.

With Halloween appraoching it is a good time to look at the different methods of composting pumpkin and indeed to think about  pumpkin recipes  to download details go to

20. Sep, 2019

We have now published more details of the pumpkin waste sent to landfill and information as to how schools, the hospitality industry and home cooks can help reduce this waste.
Go to for information and  downloaded flyers.

A further addition is a downloadable  power-point presentation.. This may be modified and used to increase awareness in community groups, garden clubs, allotments and school.

Links to websites containg a wide range of pumpkin recipes are also provided

Check out and support  Hubbub the charity behind the Pumpkin rescue