A National Scheme for Help and Advice

Compost creatures display board promoting childrens activity.
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Master Composters are volunteers who encourage people in their local community to start composting at home, and offer support to people who are already home composting and may be having difficulties or need encouragement.

Anyone can be a Master Composter – you do not have to already be an expert in composting as Master Composters are trained in 'how to compost' before they start their activities. There are Master Composters of every age group and they come from a wide variety of backgrounds. This contributes to the effectiveness of the scheme – Master Composters can reach parts that other compost promoting activities cannot reach as they talk to their friends, family and neighbours, attend village fairs and it has even been know for a Master Composter to hold a compost-themed children’s birthday party!

 Volunteer Master Composters are active in local communities nationwide supported by a number of organisations.  Garden Organic supports over 500 Master Composters in counties across the UK.

For details go to www.homecomposting.org.uk

Local Contacts

Master Composters at local Farmers Market




Aberdeen Forward

Chris Hunt



Lesley Tulitt

01296 387797

BCCFEG, Borders

David Scott Aiton


Cambridgeshire CCORRN

Nikki Digiovanni

0845 602 7144

Carrymoor Environmental Trust, Somerset

Rupert Farthing

01963 350143

Changeworks, Edinburgh & Lothians

Kathleen Kirkness


Edinburgh Master Composter Project

Kathleen Kirkness

0131 538 7941

Cheshire East and Cheshire West & Chester Councils

Holly Jaskolka



Mary Blake

020 8379 1790

Essex County Council

Louise Phillips


Forth Environment Link

Eve Keepax


Gloucestershire County Council

Kate Cole

01452 426525

GRAB, Argyll & Bute

Matt Lewis


Gwynedd - Cymorth Compost Aid

Deio Jones

01766 543 033

Herefordshire and Worcestershire

Stephen Ackers

01905 768227

Isle of Man

Stephanie Gray

01624 686429

Leicestershire County Council

John Levison


Lochaber Environmental Group

Liz Paul

01631 740571

Moffat CAN

Jonathan Kneeshaw

01683 221847

Norfolk County Council

David Hawkyard

01603 223328

Northamptonshire County Council

Rebecca Short

01604 237332

Orkney Zero Waste

Sue Struthers / Andrew Bowman


Oxfordshire County Council

Eileen Robinson

01865 815908

ROWAN, Ross-shire

Katy Kitchingham


Shetland Islands Council

Mary Lisk



James Thompson

01743 210 714

Suffolk County Council

Craig Renton

01473 264795

The Falkland Stewards, North East Fife

Kirsty Martin

07900 350 756

Viewfield Garden Collective, Skye

Sandy Masson


Warwickshire County Council

Caroline Faulkner

01926 412 458

Wiltshire Wildlife Trust (Wiltshire)

Emma Croft

01380 736074

Wise Group, Glasgow

Alex Warren


York Rotters

Catherine Bamford

01904 412861

Interested in starting a Master Composter Scheme in your area?

This section is taken from Garden Organic homecomposting.org.uk 

If you work in waste minimisation/recycling you may want to consider setting up a Master Composter scheme if there is not already one in your area. Whilst some capital input is required, this is offset by the positive influence of the Master Composters on diversion rates of biodegrable waste from landfill.

Things to think about when considering a Master Composter scheme:

  • Training: who will provide the Master Composters with the initial training they require on composting and home composting promotion?
  • Resources: what resources will you be able to provide eg uniforms, display resources, technical composting knowledge?
  • Support: the key to a successful Master Composter scheme is on-going, effective volunteer support. Garden Organic consider it is essential that there is a dedicated Master Composter 'Coordinator' to assist the volunteers in their day to day activities. Is there anyone available to take on this role and how much time will they have?
  • Monitoring: to justify the activity it will be important to monitor impacts and outputs.

Garden Organic provide a comprehensive Master Composter Programme that encompasses all these aspects of a Master Composter scheme, or we can supply certain aspects as required.

For more information, contact David Garrett, Master Composter Programme Leader on 02476 217742 or email through info@homecomposting.org.uk.