Leicester Composting Demonstration Site Photos

 The  demonstration site  ihas moved to Stokes Wood Allotment Gardens, 2B Stokes Drive, Leicester, LE3 9BS. It will  be formally openned as part of Compost awareness week 2019  but visitors we welcome visitors on Wednesday mornings before that date.

  The new venue is adjacent to the site hall, home of the Stokes Wood Wednesday Breakfast Club  will demonstrate the composting of cooked food, kitchen and garden waste from the allotment.  

We started composting in February and will be slowly bringing the other bins into use.

The site,  when completed will show a wide range of bins for  composting garden and kitchen waste. It will include a range of  wormeries and bins for the composting of cooked food. This is the fourth site for the demonstration first establihed in 2009 and will be the first site with sufficient compostable material available to hot compost garden waste in conventional wooden bins, Hot composting will also be undertaken using Hotbins, a Jorraform tumbler and a Green Johanna. It will also  include an area devoted to the preparation of liquid fertilizers e.g. comfrey tea, nettle tea and both conventional  and aerated compost tea. These are seasonal displays dependent of the growth of our nettles and comfrey.

The Allotment hall will be used for workshops, activities for schools and talks on composting topics for Garden Scietes and Allotment Assoications.

We would welcome donations of different types of compost bins from suppliers and the public. Do you have a bin on your allotment or in your garden of a type we do not have on the site?



The Hall can be hired for events.




 The photos show the bins on the previous site