Leicester Composting Demonstration Site Photos

Hotbin Composters at Bradgate Demo Site

Gradgate Demo Site Green Cone food digester

Bradgate park Jorra Food Composter

Bradgate Park Green Johanna Food and garden waste composter

Site from the base for Gazebo and Event shelter during Open Days, the Plant Sale and other activities.

Row 3 Conventional bins with the wormeries behind the sun shade

Row 3 from the other end of the site. Tumpler and rolling bins. Hotbin and food composters are shown onn the right of the photo.

Tumbler bins

Some of the Wormeries.

Reception bin for compostable materials collected in the garden

Trench composting Just starting to add waste to the trench

Hugokulture mound

Mound. The site of a birch stump and root before work commenced

Mound Not a beast from a horror film but one of the birch roots

Mound Digging round the root and adding small branches removed from the site

A second shot of the branches showing some of the dug area which is to house a lasagna compost mound

The start of grass boarding. Layers of grass cuttings and paper/cardboard. Covered to retain moisture

Open bin being used for woody hedge clippings left in the Reception bin

Conventional style bin made in plastic

WoW wooden bin with plastic panel to show compost

Leafmould area Leaves in bags, wire cage, plastic bin and netlon bins

Leaf mould in wire netting containers

Two more leafmould containers. One home-made

Lasagne composting. Alterate layers of "Greens" and cardboard/paper. Covered to retain moisture

Tyre bin

Two bins "gone wrong" one to many Browns (wet) the second to many Greens (dry plus toy rats!)

Sliding hatch for ease ofinspecting and harvesting compost

1970s plastic bin. This may be removed from the display and be converted into a bin that children can wear to have their photos taken

Komp 125 Hinged lid and easy access to remove compost

Earthmaker Gravity fed aeration system. Please note the lid is rotated to open please do not try to lift it.

Rolling bins (Home-made barrel roller in the foreground)

Homemade rolling barrel composter

Rolling composter Feel free to roll this down the path and back again

Mantis Original CompoTumbler

3 Tumbler barrel composters. The far composter is empty so that you can compare the efoort required to spin and empty barrel with one full of compost

Making Comfrey tea using the pipe method

Liquid feed preparation area. Compost tea, aerated compost tea (using solar aerator), comfrey and nettle tea.

Teas being made in open bucket so that you may enjoy the aroma

Hotbins Used on-site for both cooked and uncooked food waste as well as normal garden waste

The Hotbins in hungry mode with tumbler bins in the background

TheJora 125. Insulated composter with dual chambers used for food waste from the cafe. Hoped to be used kitchen waste (Compost Cooked and Uncooked food inc Meat, Fish, and Citrus) from the Halls. Capacity of the JK125 is suitable for a 2-4 person household or 6kg per week

Green Cone food digester

Green Johanna Our third food composter. This will also take garden waste and can be supplied with a jacket to keep it warm during the winter

Herb wormery Ideal for a patio. Herbs grown in the top bin with a stacking wormery below

The Original Wormery A single chamber wormery with double brass-aeration vents, a rubberised lid seal and integrated drainage system. 100 litre capacity

Wormcity Stacking wormery Includes a reservoir to collect worm wee. The the worms will be in the top composting trays with all the fresh food, whilst the material in the middle tray is ‘breaking down’ and the bottom tray are fully composted.

Tray structure of stacking wormeries allows easy access to the compost. The worm wee is collected from a tap in the raised base and once diluted is used as a plant feed. Worm compost is rich in nutrient and also has a good water holding capacity

 The  demonstration site  managed by  Garden Organic/ Leicestershire  Master Composters has  moved from the University Botanic Garden to Bradgate Park at Newtown Linford.

The site will  shows a wide range of compost bins owned by the composters or donated to them by individuals, charities,  suppliers manufactures etc.

  The new venue, in the  small allotment garden next to the ConservatoryTea Rooms and close to the main car park,   will demonstrate the composting of cooked food, kitchen and garden waste.   The adjacent cafe serves  locally sourced products and homemade cakes in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.   

The site,  when completed will show a wide range of bins for  composting garden and kitchen waste. It will include a range of  wormeries and bins for the composting of cooked food.   If space is available it will also  include an area devoted to the preparation of liquid fertilizers e.g. comfrey tea, nettle tea and both conventional  and aerated compost tea. These are seasonal displays dependent of the growth of our nettles and comfrey.

The site is reached by walking through the Allotment by the cafe



 The photos show the bins on the previous site