26.08.2017 16:35

Linda PetersS

It would seem that there should be no problem with passion fruit rinds. We are running a hot composting trial with a large Market...

01.10.2017 13:32


Hi Linda
No problem with the rinds but see the vote on the What Can I Compost page

08.08.2017 08:35

David R - Master Composter

Rod - Very useful info on community composting. We are running a hot composting trial with a large Market Harborough allotment group.
Do you have details of community groups who have done this?

14.06.2017 18:47


Can we compost store bought bird feed as the dry material along with vegetable and fruit peels?

01.10.2017 11:54


Hi Sajina,
Yes you can alongside many others that is shown on the internet. Many people don't know that there are other things that can be composted that doesn't show on the compost bi

17.06.2017 14:28


I enjoyed researching this one and have enlarged added birdseed to the What can I Compost page

14.06.2017 11:43

Rodney Weston

It would seem that there should be no problem with passion fruit rinds. It is best to cut them into small pieces if possible I have modified the What can I Compost section to include passion fruit

13.06.2017 02:15


Thank you, I found this very useful. Can you please advise on passionfruit shell/skin for compost tumbler? Can this be added to it and should it be cut down into small pieces?

25.02.2017 01:02


Thank you for your compiled, detailed list!

21.09.2016 15:58


can I put very large hosters that I have just dug up in the compost heap?

29.09.2016 11:04


You can compost plants that you have dug up including perennials flowers that you are dividing. It helps to chop them up and dry out the roots so that they do not grow in the bin

28.07.2016 13:42


Very useful page! Is it safe to use Leylandii as a mulch when growing vegetables/ herbs? RHS list it as a skin irritant: would any of that get into the veg/ herbs?

18.08.2016 17:30

Christopher Whitmey

The answer seems to be yes. Have a look at this page:

03.05.2016 23:26


I have found your list very comprehensive but would like to add remember to remove little fruit & veg stickers,they never lose their wording even after two years through the compost!

07.01.2016 23:44


I am looking at Bokashi composting and am wondering if you can leave the Bokashi bin outside even if temperatures are cold? Also whether compostable bags can go in the Bokashi? Thanks

14.01.2016 19:24


I have revised the Bokashi section to include winter composting. I have not tested them but would not put "compostable" bags in a Bokashi

30.07.2015 16:42


The good news is that Woolcool sustainable insulator for food delivery is compostable.
Wool is also used with bracken to make a peat free commercial compost.

30.07.2015 09:27


I have some cool wool insulation from Hello Fresh, can this be added to compost bins?

15.07.2015 14:58


yes very helpful thank you

26.01.2015 22:18


Very helpful. Thank you