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Composting Photo Event. Open to all May-June 2020

Lock-down Activities for kids at home

Composting advice and training

Wormeries, advice on types or wormery and worm wee

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Educational activities for children e.g making Rotbots

Welcome to Carry On Composting

This web site is designed to promote and encourage composting of garden and food waste in the hope that we can reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill sites, reduce the “waste miles” associated with kerbside collections and improve the quality of our garden soils

 I have attempted to cover a wide range of composting methods and techniques as well as  composting related activities for schools and community groups.

 Also included is information relating to talks and training  that I  offer for composters, garden clubs,  allotment societies and community groups.

 In 2018 we relocated the Home Compost Demonstration site to :

Stokes Wood Allotments, 2b Stokes Drive, Leicester, LE3 9BS for further details email

The site is open every Wednesday morning, on other occasions for composting related events  and by appointment. On informal site training is offered for home and allotment composters as well as more formal courses. In 2020 we will be offering  a one day Introduction to Composting session followed by training in more specilised composting techniques.

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Composting Talks, Presentations and Advice


 Training, talks and advice on composting for gardening clubs, schools etc.

  Rod Weston is a Master Composter and an enthusiastic composter. Before "downsizing " he had 5 compost bins (3 daleks, a Green Johanna, an Aerobin 400) and a Green Cone food digester together with four  wormeries (one an indoor model), a separate dog poo wormery at home  He also has a desk-top wormery and two Wiggo pods and Bokashi bins to illustrate talks and demonstrations. He won the NWLDC Green Footprints Award for Individuals and Families in 2011 and appeared in "Mr Bloom Out and About" in 2014 and CBBC Newsround in 2019. In addition to composting at home he was an allotment  composter and has served as Chairman of his local allotment society, as well as  East Midlands Regional Representative of the National Allotment Society

  He  now manages  a Composting Demonstration site at Stokes Wood allotment, Leicester, at which practical training and advice can be provided. The   Compost Demo Site  was previously at  University of Leicester Botanic Garden and  "Compost Corner" the  at Snibston Discovery Park before that was closed. as part of the council cutbacks. 

He is a regular speaker at  Garden Clubs, U3A groups and allotment societies etc. across the east midlands.

 Sessions are also offered to schools etc. These include Compost Creatures and making Rotbots. Over 1200 Rotbots (a compost bin in a bottle) were made in one weekend when Mr Blooms Big Day Out came to Leicester in 2013.

 There is no charge for talks and demonstrations although a  charge may be made to cover mileage. Brief details of standard talks are given below but talks can be designed to meet the specific needs of any group.

 Rod also has a stand that can be used to promote composting at fetes, open days, Company Eco days etc      Contact him at

 Exanples of talks given 

 Home and Allotment  composting.

Types of composting: trenches, heaps and bins, wormeries and bokashi systems. Locating the bin, home-made & commercially available bins. The composting process “greens” and “browns”. Harvesting and using compost.


Food waste  composting.

Composting of food waste. Advice on improving your green footprint by composting at home and work using composters suitable for: Schools, offices, residential homes, cafes and restaurants. The session can include information on Bokashi bins, the Green Cone food digester, Green Johanna, Hotbin, Jora, Ridan and Rocket ranges of composters capable of dealing with from 6 to 400 litres of waste each week right up to 1750 litres.

 Compost Creatures

 A power point presentation showing the microorganisms and larger creatures involved in converting organic materials into compost. Plus, some of the animal visitors sometimes found in the compost bin. This can be offered for adults or as a simple "Identify the Animal” activity for children. A practical session on trapping compost bugs can be included.


Introduction to vermiculture, home-made & commercially available wormeries. Dump and sort and stacking systems. Worm wee liquid feed.

 Dog Poo Wormeries

 The use of wormeries to convert with dog poo into compost for the flower garden. Session includes safety precautions and information on wormeries for single digs and up to wheelie bin size.

 Compost, Comfrey, manure and nettle teas.

 An introduction to making a range of liquid fertilizers including both conventional and aerated compost tea (ACT)

Compost game

Devised for children. Sort plastic vegetables,” cooked” food and other  materials by suitable waste disposal system e.g. conventional compost bin, wormery, food digester or for recycling or landfill. Can also be offered for adults as an Icebreaker using laminated cards at the start of other sessions


 Garden safety

A light hearted session for Garden Clubs linking Rods composting activities to his career as a H&S officer.

Gardens are places where people want to relax and perhaps that’s why so many accidents happen in gardens. Hazards and accidents in the garden, including Bill and Bens Revenge, the 5,300 flowerpot related accidents, that are reported annually.









Composting Demonstration site

We have  operated a  Home Composting Demonstration site in Leicestershire since 2011 to help promote composting to gardeners,  allotment plot holders and schools. Initially the site was at  Snibston Discovery Park, Coalville since the closure of the Discovery Centre we have operated alternative venues but have been unable to find a site with the enough space, a regular source of garden waste, a source of cooked food waste and a room that we could use for training and lectures, talks.   

We are now located at Stokes Wood Allotments,  2B Stokes Drive, Leicester  which enables us to provide a community composting service to members of  the  Allotment Society,  work with the National Allotment Society and provide a service to residents of both city and country councils.

We welcome visitors on Wednesday mornings, when  refreshments and traditional breakfasts are available in the Allotment pavilion, for events and by appointment. Composting workshops, talks and educational activities for  schools  can also be offered.

We are now introducing composting workshops and training sessions for new and experienced composters.  In addition to home composters it is hoped to train Compost Mentors for Allotment sites.